Class faiss::WorkerThread

class WorkerThread

Public Functions


Stops and waits for the worker thread to exit, flushing all pending lambdas

void stop()

Request that the worker thread stop itself.

void waitForThreadExit()

Blocking waits in the current thread for the worker thread to stop

std::future<bool> add(std::function<void()> f)

Adds a lambda to run on the worker thread; returns a future that can be used to block on its completion. Future status is true if the lambda was run in the worker thread; false if it was not run, because the worker thread is exiting or has exited.

Private Functions

void startThread()
void threadMain()
void threadLoop()

Private Members

std::thread thread_

Thread that all queued lambdas are run on.

std::mutex mutex_

Mutex for the queue and exit status.

std::condition_variable monitor_

Monitor for the exit status and the queue.

bool wantStop_

Whether or not we want the thread to exit.

std::deque<std::pair<std::function<void()>, std::promise<bool>>> queue_

Queue of pending lambdas to call.