Class faiss::gpu::GpuIcmEncoder

class GpuIcmEncoder : public IcmEncoder

Perform LSQ encoding on GPU.

Split input vectors to different devices and call IcmEncoderImpl::encode to encode them

Public Functions

GpuIcmEncoder(const LocalSearchQuantizer *lsq, const std::vector<GpuResourcesProvider*> &provs, const std::vector<int> &devices)
GpuIcmEncoder(const GpuIcmEncoder&) = delete
GpuIcmEncoder &operator=(const GpuIcmEncoder&) = delete
void set_binary_term() override
void encode(int32_t *codes, const float *x, std::mt19937 &gen, size_t n, size_t ils_iters) const override

Private Members

std::unique_ptr<IcmEncoderShards> shards