Class faiss::ThreadedIndex

template<typename IndexT>
class ThreadedIndex : public IndexT

A holder of indices in a collection of threads The interface to this class itself is not thread safe

Subclassed by faiss::IndexReplicasTemplate< IndexT >, faiss::IndexShardsTemplate< IndexT >

Public Functions

explicit ThreadedIndex(bool threaded)
explicit ThreadedIndex(int d, bool threaded)
~ThreadedIndex() override
virtual void addIndex(IndexT *index)

override an index that is managed by ourselves. WARNING: once an index is added, it becomes unsafe to touch it from any other thread than that on which is managing it, until we are shut down. Use runOnIndex to perform work on it instead.

void removeIndex(IndexT *index)

Remove an index that is managed by ourselves. This will flush all pending work on that index, and then shut down its managing thread, and will remove the index.

void runOnIndex(std::function<void(int, IndexT*)> f)

Run a function on all indices, in the thread that the index is managed in. Function arguments are (index in collection, index pointer)

void runOnIndex(std::function<void(int, const IndexT*)> f) const
void reset() override

faiss::Index API All indices receive the same call

inline int count() const

Returns the number of sub-indices.

inline IndexT *at(size_t i)

Returns the i-th sub-index.

inline const IndexT *at(size_t i) const

Returns the i-th sub-index (const version)

Public Members

bool own_indices = false

Whether or not we are responsible for deleting our contained indices.

Protected Functions

virtual void onAfterAddIndex(IndexT *index)

Called just after an index is added.

virtual void onAfterRemoveIndex(IndexT *index)

Called just after an index is removed.

Protected Attributes

std::vector<std::pair<IndexT*, std::unique_ptr<WorkerThread>>> indices_

Collection of Index instances, with their managing worker thread if any.

bool isThreaded_

Is this index multi-threaded?

Protected Static Functions

static void waitAndHandleFutures(std::vector<std::future<bool>> &v)