Struct faiss::BlockInvertedListsIOHook

struct BlockInvertedListsIOHook : public faiss::InvertedListsIOHook

Public Functions

virtual void write(const InvertedLists *ils, IOWriter *f) const override

write the index to the IOWriter (including the fourcc)

virtual InvertedLists *read(IOReader *f, int io_flags) const override

called when the fourcc matches this class’s fourcc

virtual InvertedLists *read_ArrayInvertedLists(IOReader *f, int io_flags, size_t nlist, size_t code_size, const std::vector<size_t> &sizes) const

read from a ArrayInvertedLists into this invertedlist type. For this to work, the callback has to be enabled and the io_flag has to be set to IO_FLAG_SKIP_IVF_DATA | (16 upper bits of the fourcc)

(default implementation fails)

Public Members

const std::string key

string version of the fourcc

const std::string classname

Public Static Functions

static void add_callback(InvertedListsIOHook*)
static void print_callbacks()
static InvertedListsIOHook *lookup(int h)
static InvertedListsIOHook *lookup_classname(const std::string &classname)