Struct faiss::OperatingPoints

struct OperatingPoints

Public Functions

int merge_with(const OperatingPoints &other, const std::string &prefix = "")

add operating points from other to this, with a prefix to the keys

void clear()
bool add(double perf, double t, const std::string &key, size_t cno = 0)

add a performance measure. Return whether it is an optimal point

double t_for_perf(double perf) const

get time required to obtain a given performance measure

void display(bool only_optimal = true) const

easy-to-read output

void all_to_gnuplot(const char *fname) const

output to a format easy to digest by gnuplot

void optimal_to_gnuplot(const char *fname) const

Public Members

std::vector<OperatingPoint> all_pts

all operating points

std::vector<OperatingPoint> optimal_pts

optimal operating points, sorted by perf