Struct faiss::RangeSearchResult

struct RangeSearchResult

The objective is to have a simple result structure while minimizing the number of mem copies in the result. The method do_allocation can be overloaded to allocate the result tables in the matrix type of a scripting language like Lua or Python.

Public Functions

explicit RangeSearchResult(size_t nq, bool alloc_lims = true)

lims must be allocated on input to range_search.

virtual void do_allocation()

called when lims contains the nb of elements result entries for each query

virtual ~RangeSearchResult()

Public Members

size_t nq

nb of queries

size_t *lims

size (nq + 1)

idx_t *labels

result for query i is labels[lims[i]:lims[i+1]]

float *distances

corresponding distances (not sorted)

size_t buffer_size

size of the result buffers used