Struct faiss::ZnSphereSearch

struct ZnSphereSearch

returns the nearest vertex in the sphere to a query. Returns only the coordinates, not an id.

Algorithm: all points are derived from a one atom vector up to a permutation and sign changes. The search function finds the most appropriate atom and transformation.

Subclassed by faiss::ZnSphereCodec

Public Functions

ZnSphereSearch(int dim, int r2)
float search(const float *x, float *c) const

find nearest centroid. x does not need to be normalized

float search(const float *x, float *c, float *tmp, int *tmp_int, int *ibest_out = nullptr) const

full call. Requires externally-allocated temp space

void search_multi(int n, const float *x, float *c_out, float *dp_out)

Public Members

int dimS
int r2
int natom
std::vector<float> voc

size dim * ntatom