Struct faiss::lsq::IcmEncoder

struct IcmEncoder

Subclassed by faiss::gpu::GpuIcmEncoder

Public Functions

explicit IcmEncoder(const LocalSearchQuantizer *lsq)
inline virtual ~IcmEncoder()

compute binary terms

virtual void set_binary_term()
virtual void encode(int32_t *codes, const float *x, std::mt19937 &gen, size_t n, size_t ils_iters) const

Encode vectors given codebooks

  • codes – output codes, size n * M

  • x – vectors to encode, size n * d

  • gen – random generator

  • n – number of vectors

  • ils_iters – number of iterations of iterative local search

Public Members

std::vector<float> binaries
bool verbose
const LocalSearchQuantizer *lsq