Struct faiss::BinaryInvertedListScanner

struct BinaryInvertedListScanner

Public Functions

virtual void set_query(const uint8_t *query_vector) = 0

from now on we handle this query.

virtual void set_list(idx_t list_no, uint8_t coarse_dis) = 0

following codes come from this inverted list

virtual uint32_t distance_to_code(const uint8_t *code) const = 0

compute a single query-to-code distance

virtual size_t scan_codes(size_t n, const uint8_t *codes, const idx_t *ids, int32_t *distances, idx_t *labels, size_t k) const = 0

compute the distances to codes. (distances, labels) should be organized as a min- or max-heap

  • n – number of codes to scan

  • codes – codes to scan (n * code_size)

  • ids – corresponding ids (ignored if store_pairs)

  • distances – heap distances (size k)

  • labels – heap labels (size k)

  • k – heap size

virtual void scan_codes_range(size_t n, const uint8_t *codes, const idx_t *ids, int radius, RangeQueryResult &result) const = 0
inline virtual ~BinaryInvertedListScanner()