Struct faiss::gpu::GpuIndexCagraConfig

struct GpuIndexCagraConfig : public faiss::gpu::GpuIndexConfig

Public Members

size_t intermediate_graph_degree = 128

Degree of input graph for pruning.

size_t graph_degree = 64

Degree of output graph.

graph_build_algo build_algo = graph_build_algo::IVF_PQ

ANN algorithm to build knn graph.

size_t nn_descent_niter = 20

Number of Iterations to run if building with NN_DESCENT.

IVFPQBuildCagraConfig *ivf_pq_params = nullptr
IVFPQSearchCagraConfig *ivf_pq_search_params = nullptr
int device = 0

GPU device on which the index is resident.

MemorySpace memorySpace = MemorySpace::Device

What memory space to use for primary storage. On Pascal and above (CC 6+) architectures, allows GPUs to use more memory than is available on the GPU.

bool use_raft = false

Should the index dispatch down to RAFT?