Struct faiss::simd_result_handlers::FixedStorageHandler

template<int NQ, int BB>
struct FixedStorageHandler : public faiss::SIMDResultHandler

stores results in fixed-size matrix.

Public Functions

inline virtual void handle(size_t q, size_t b, simd16uint16 d0, simd16uint16 d1) final

called when 32 distances are computed and provided in two simd16uint16. (q, b) indicate which entry it is in the block.

inline virtual void set_block_origin(size_t i0_in, size_t j0_in) final

set the sub-matrix that is being computed

template<class OtherResultHandler>
inline void to_other_handler(OtherResultHandler &other) const
inline virtual ~FixedStorageHandler()

Public Members

simd16uint16 dis[NQ][BB]
int i0 = 0
bool is_CMax = false
uint8_t sizeof_ids = 0
bool with_fields = false