Struct faiss::RemapDimensionsTransform

struct RemapDimensionsTransform : public faiss::VectorTransform

remap dimensions for intput vectors, possibly inserting 0s strictly speaking this is also a linear transform but we don’t want to compute it with matrix multiplies

Public Types

typedef Index::idx_t idx_t

Public Functions

RemapDimensionsTransform(int d_in, int d_out, const int *map)
RemapDimensionsTransform(int d_in, int d_out, bool uniform = true)

remap input to output, skipping or inserting dimensions as needed if uniform: distribute dimensions uniformly otherwise just take the d_out first ones.

virtual void apply_noalloc(idx_t n, const float *x, float *xt) const override

same as apply, but result is pre-allocated

virtual void reverse_transform(idx_t n, const float *xt, float *x) const override

reverse transform correct only when the mapping is a permutation

inline RemapDimensionsTransform()
virtual void train(idx_t n, const float *x)

Perform training on a representative set of vectors. Does nothing by default.

  • n – nb of training vectors

  • x – training vecors, size n * d

float *apply(idx_t n, const float *x) const

apply the random rotation, return new allocated matrix


x – size n * d_in


size n * d_out

Public Members

std::vector<int> map

map from output dimension to input, size d_out -1 -> set output to 0

int d_in
int d_out

! input dimension

bool is_trained

set if the VectorTransform does not require training, or if training is done already