Struct faiss::gpu::GpuIndexFlatConfigΒΆ

struct GpuIndexFlatConfig : public faiss::gpu::GpuIndexConfig

Public Functions

inline GpuIndexFlatConfig()

Public Members

bool useFloat16

Whether or not data is stored as float16.

bool storeTransposed

Whether or not data is stored (transparently) in a transposed layout, enabling use of the NN GEMM call, which is ~10% faster. This will improve the speed of the flat index, but will substantially slow down any add() calls made, as all data must be transposed, and will increase storage requirements (we store data in both transposed and non-transposed layouts).

int device

GPU device on which the index is resident.

MemorySpace memorySpace

What memory space to use for primary storage. On Pascal and above (CC 6+) architectures, allows GPUs to use more memory than is available on the GPU.