Struct faiss::CMax

template<typename T_, typename TI_>
struct CMax

The C object gives the type T of the values of a key-value storage, the type of the keys, TI and the comparison that is done: CMax for a decreasing series and CMin for increasing series. In other words, for a given threshold threshold, an incoming value x is kept if

C::cmp(threshold, x)
is true.

Public Types

typedef T_ T
typedef TI_ TI
typedef CMin<T_, TI_> Crev

Public Static Functions

static inline bool cmp(T a, T b)
static inline bool cmp2(T a1, T b1, TI a2, TI b2)
static inline T neutral()
static inline T nextafter(T x)

Public Static Attributes

static const bool is_max = true