Struct faiss::simd_result_handlers::ReservoirHandler

template<class C, bool with_id_map = false>
struct ReservoirHandler : public faiss::simd_result_handlers::SIMDResultHandler<C, false>

Handler built from several ReservoirTopN (one per query)

Public Types

using T = typename C::T
using TI = typename C::TI

Public Functions

inline ReservoirHandler(size_t nq, size_t ntotal, size_t n, size_t capacity_in)
inline void handle(size_t q, size_t b, simd16uint16 d0, simd16uint16 d1)
inline virtual void to_flat_arrays(float *distances, int64_t *labels, const float *normalizers = nullptr) override
inline void set_block_origin(size_t i0, size_t j0)
inline void adjust_with_origin(size_t &q, simd16uint16 &d0, simd16uint16 &d1)
inline int64_t adjust_id(size_t b, size_t j)
inline uint32_t get_lt_mask(uint16_t thr, size_t b, simd16uint16 d0, simd16uint16 d1)

return binary mask of elements below thr in (d0, d1) inverse_test returns elements above

Public Members

size_t capacity
std::vector<TI> all_ids
AlignedTable<T> all_vals
std::vector<ReservoirTopN<C>> reservoirs
uint64_t times[4]
bool disable
int64_t i0
int64_t j0
size_t ntotal
const TI *id_map

these fields are used mainly for the IVF variants (with_id_map=true)

const int *q_map
const uint16_t *dbias