Struct faiss::BufferList

struct BufferList

List of temporary buffers used to store results before they are copied to the RangeSearchResult object.

Subclassed by faiss::RangeSearchPartialResult

Public Functions

explicit BufferList(size_t buffer_size)
void append_buffer()

create a new buffer

void add(idx_t id, float dis)

add one result, possibly appending a new buffer if needed

void copy_range(size_t ofs, size_t n, idx_t *dest_ids, float *dest_dis)

copy elemnts ofs:ofs+n-1 seen as linear data in the buffers to tables dest_ids, dest_dis

Public Members

size_t buffer_size
std::vector<Buffer> buffers
size_t wp

write pointer in the last buffer.

struct Buffer

Public Members

idx_t *ids
float *dis