Struct faiss::NSG

struct NSG

Public Types

using storage_idx_t = int32_t

internal storage of vectors (32 bits: this is expensive)

Public Functions

explicit NSG(int R = 32)
void build(Index *storage, idx_t n, const nsg::Graph<idx_t> &knn_graph, bool verbose)
void reset()
void search(DistanceComputer &dis, int k, idx_t *I, float *D, VisitedTable &vt) const
void init_graph(Index *storage, const nsg::Graph<idx_t> &knn_graph)
template<bool collect_fullset, class index_t>
void search_on_graph(const nsg::Graph<index_t> &graph, DistanceComputer &dis, VisitedTable &vt, int ep, int pool_size, std::vector<Neighbor> &retset, std::vector<Node> &fullset) const
void add_reverse_links(int q, std::vector<std::mutex> &locks, DistanceComputer &dis, nsg::Graph<Node> &graph)
void sync_prune(int q, std::vector<Node> &pool, DistanceComputer &dis, VisitedTable &vt, const nsg::Graph<idx_t> &knn_graph, nsg::Graph<Node> &graph)
void link(Index *storage, const nsg::Graph<idx_t> &knn_graph, nsg::Graph<Node> &graph, bool verbose)
int tree_grow(Index *storage, std::vector<int> &degrees)
int dfs(VisitedTable &vt, int root, int cnt) const
int attach_unlinked(Index *storage, VisitedTable &vt, VisitedTable &vt2, std::vector<int> &degrees)
void check_graph() const

Public Members

int ntotal = 0

nb of nodes

int R

nb of neighbors per node

int L

length of the search path at construction time

int C

candidate pool size at construction time

int search_L = 16

length of the search path

int enterpoint


std::shared_ptr<nsg::Graph<int>> final_graph

NSG graph structure.

bool is_built = false

NSG is built or not.

RandomGenerator rng

random generator