Struct faiss::gpu::SearchParametersCagra

struct SearchParametersCagra : public faiss::SearchParameters

Public Members

size_t max_queries = 0

Maximum number of queries to search at the same time (batch size). Auto select when 0.

size_t itopk_size = 64

Number of intermediate search results retained during the search.

This is the main knob to adjust trade off between accuracy and search speed. Higher values improve the search accuracy.

size_t max_iterations = 0

Upper limit of search iterations. Auto select when 0.

search_algo algo = search_algo::AUTO

Which search implementation to use.

size_t team_size = 0

Number of threads used to calculate a single distance. 4, 8, 16, or 32.

size_t search_width = 1

Number of graph nodes to select as the starting point for the search in each iteration. aka search width?

size_t min_iterations = 0

Lower limit of search iterations.

size_t thread_block_size = 0

Thread block size. 0, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024. Auto selection when 0.

hash_mode hashmap_mode = hash_mode::AUTO

Hashmap type. Auto selection when AUTO.

size_t hashmap_min_bitlen = 0

Lower limit of hashmap bit length. More than 8.

float hashmap_max_fill_rate = 0.5

Upper limit of hashmap fill rate. More than 0.1, less than 0.9.

uint32_t num_random_samplings = 1

Number of iterations of initial random seed node selection. 1 or more.

uint64_t seed = 0x128394

Bit mask used for initial random seed node selection.

IDSelector *sel = nullptr

if non-null, only these IDs will be considered during search.