Struct faiss::gpu::GpuMultipleClonerOptions

struct GpuMultipleClonerOptions : public faiss::gpu::GpuClonerOptions

Subclassed by faiss::gpu::ToGpuClonerMultiple

Public Members

bool shard = false

Whether to shard the index across GPUs, versus replication across GPUs

int shard_type = 1

IndexIVF::copy_subset_to subset type.

bool common_ivf_quantizer = false

set to true if an IndexIVF is to be dispatched to multiple GPUs with a single common IVF quantizer, ie. only the inverted lists are sharded on the sub-indexes (uses an IndexShardsIVF)

IndicesOptions indicesOptions = INDICES_64_BIT

how should indices be stored on index types that support indices (anything but GpuIndexFlat*)?

bool useFloat16CoarseQuantizer = false

is the coarse quantizer in float16?

bool useFloat16 = false

for GpuIndexIVFFlat, is storage in float16? for GpuIndexIVFPQ, are intermediate calculations in float16?

bool usePrecomputed = false

use precomputed tables?

long reserveVecs = 0

reserve vectors in the invfiles?

bool storeTransposed = false

For GpuIndexFlat, store data in transposed layout?

bool verbose = false

Set verbose options on the index.

bool use_raft = false

use the RAFT implementation