Struct faiss::gpu::GpuParameterSpace

struct GpuParameterSpace : public faiss::ParameterSpace

parameter space and setters for GPU indexes

Public Functions

virtual void initialize(const faiss::Index *index) override

initialize with reasonable parameters for the index

virtual void set_index_parameter(faiss::Index *index, const std::string &name, double val) const override

set a combination of parameters on an index

size_t n_combinations() const

nb of combinations, = product of values sizes

bool combination_ge(size_t c1, size_t c2) const

returns whether combinations c1 >= c2 in the tuple sense

std::string combination_name(size_t cno) const

get string representation of the combination

void display() const

print a description on stdout

ParameterRange &add_range(const std::string &name)

add a new parameter (or return it if it exists)

void set_index_parameters(Index *index, size_t cno) const

set a combination of parameters on an index

void set_index_parameters(Index *index, const char *param_string) const

set a combination of parameters described by a string

void update_bounds(size_t cno, const OperatingPoint &op, double *upper_bound_perf, double *lower_bound_t) const

find an upper bound on the performance and a lower bound on t for configuration cno given another operating point op

void explore(Index *index, size_t nq, const float *xq, const AutoTuneCriterion &crit, OperatingPoints *ops) const

explore operating points

  • index – index to run on

  • xq – query vectors (size nq * index.d)

  • crit – selection criterion

  • ops – resulting operating points

Public Members

std::vector<ParameterRange> parameter_ranges

all tunable parameters

int verbose

verbosity during exploration

int n_experiments

nb of experiments during optimization (0 = try all combinations)

size_t batchsize

maximum number of queries to submit at a time.

bool thread_over_batches

use multithreading over batches (useful to benchmark independent single-searches)

double min_test_duration

run tests several times until they reach at least this duration (to avoid jittering in MT mode)